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Instagram has reached a whopping 2 billion active users in 2022. Being one of those users, you probably had to find someone you know or just met on the app.

Whether looking for someone they already know or have met someone for the first time, people have different reasons for finding someone on Instagram.

Since you can find a person on all social networks, several ways exist to find someone's Instagram.

This article will help you find the person you're looking for on Instagram using different methods.  

Finding A Person On Instagram Using Their Username 

You can find a person on Instagram using their username. Doing so might be the easiest way to search for someone on the app. 

Here are the steps:

1. Go to your Instagram profile. Click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.

Go to your Instagram profile.Click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen  Click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen

2. Type in the username of the person you want to find.

Type in the username of the person you want to find  Type in the username of the person you want to find

 It is important to ensure that you are reaching out to the right person because many usernames are similar. If you are looking for a celebrity, they usually have a blue check beside their username. 

How You Can Find Someone Without a Username

Sometimes you need to know the person's username but want to follow them on Instagram. Finding them can be possible if they use their first and last names. 

You could also use people's search engines like Intelius. On its website, you'll find a public records search tool to give you information on a person's social media profiles. 

To use this tool, follow these steps:

1. Go to the website.  

 Go to the website

 2. Type in the first and last name of the person you want to search. You can include the city and state where they live if you know it.

 3. It will ask a few more questions about places where they have lived, which you might know, among others.

 Review and Confirm4. After you have chosen the right name from a list of persons with the same name, it will thoroughly search for other data. That includes the person's social media profiles.

Social Media Summary

5. It will then prompt you to save your results. You need to provide your first and last name and email address.

 Intelius is a paid service, so you must choose the right plan after hitting send. 

Their fees range from $0.95 for a 6-day trial to monthly or bi-monthly plans from almost $25 to $42.25.

 You can also use other pieces of data for your search, such as a phone number or other social media accounts. 

Finding Someone Using a Phone Number 

Sometimes you have a person's phone number instead of their username. If searching for their phone number on Instagram doesn’t work, you can use Truthfinder. 

Truthfinder is a trusted people search website with one of the best reverse phone lookup tools

 Here are the steps to use Truthfinder:

1. Go to the reverse phone number lookup of Type the data in the corresponding boxes:

Go to the reverse phone number lookup of

2. Wait for the website to generate results. Knowing the results comes with a word of caution.

 Please Confirm Your Search

 3. Wait as it looks up the data you need.

 Wait as it looks up the data you need

4. Click on the "verification required" prompt. The website will ask you to save the results by providing your first name, last name, and email address.

 Click on the "verification required" prompt  Save Your Results

 5. It will show the prompt below, which lists the potential data they can give you about the person.

 It will show the prompt below

 6. Click “Agree and Continue.” Wait for the page to load.

 Click “Agree and Continue.” Wait for the page to load

 You can access the full report by paying a fee of $4.99 monthly. It comes with unlimited searches.

 paying a fee of $4.99

Using Truthfinder, finding the person you are looking for with just their phone number is possible. If that doesn’t work, you can also look at other methods, such as using their other social media accounts. 

Using Other Social Media Platforms

Another common way of searching for a person's Instagram account is through their other social media profiles. 

You can find their Instagram account well if they are also on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. 

Finding their Instagram username can be easy if such usernames or email addresses used to create Facebook or another account are on public view. 

If they post public Instagram posts on the home pages or walls of their other social media accounts, it can also be easy to find them.

On Facebook  

Some people will include their Instagram username when you land on their Facebook profiles or pages. For example: 


Clicking on this person's Instagram username will lead you to their Instagram profile. 

Note that some users won't let you see their Instagram usernames unless you are already friends with them on Facebook. 

On Twitter

Just like on Facebook, many Twitter users display their Instagram usernames publicly. For example: 

On Twitter

It's essential you know the person's Twitter username. Otherwise, you might also need help finding them on Twitter. 

On Tiktok

It could be easy to find someone on Instagram using their Tiktok profile. Here are the steps.

1. Go to the Tiktok app. Make sure you are on the Home page. If not, click on it at the bottom left side of the screen.

2. Then click the Search button on the top right side of the scree

3. If you know the person's username on Tiktok, type it in the search box. You can find their Instagram profile there if they placed it there and if they've set their profile to public.

 On Tiktok

4. Clicking the Instagram icon will direct you to the person’sInstagram account:

Clicking the Instagram icon will direct you to the person’sInstagram account
5. Conversely, if the person you're looking for has their Tiktok profile set to private, you might not find their Instagram account posted there. For example:

 Tiktok profile set to private

If you've already connected with the person on Tiktok, their Instagram link might show up. Therefore, it's essential to check their Tiktok profiles for this.

These social media apps can help you find the person you're searching for on Instagram. 

Finding Someone Using Their Email

There are times when the only information you have is an email address. Just like reverse phone lookups, it is still possible to find someone’s email address with just their email.

However, unlike usernames, you cannot use someone's email address and type it in the search tool of your Instagram app. You can use third-party websites to do this. 

 People search website Spokeo allows you to do a reverse email search. Here are the steps:

1. Visit and search by email.

 Visit and search by email

 2. Spokeo will find the relevant information in their database. Wait patiently as it does so.

 Wait patiently as it does so

 3. After a few minutes, the website will allow you to unlock a full report on the person you are seeking.

the website will allow you to unlock a full report

 4. To view the full report, you must pay a $0.95 one-time fee.

pay a $0.95

This fee comes with a free 7-day trial. I suggest paying for unlimited searches within this period since it's almost a giveaway.

Just remember to cancel before Spokeo starts charging you beyond the seven days. 

Finding Someone Using An Image

Sometimes the only piece of information you have is an image, but that is still useful.

Just like how you can do an image search on Twitter, you can also find someone’s Instagram account by using reverse image search websites such as Social Catfish.

Social Catfish is another people search engine that scans over 200 billion records.

1. Go to its website and click the Reverse Image Search button. The page will look like this:

Go to its website and click the Reverse Image Search button

2. Click the white box to upload your image from your PC or mobile phone.

Click the white box to upload your image from your PC or mobile phone

3. Wait a few minutes as the website searches billions of records.

Wait a few minutes

4. It will then make possible matches for you. If you decide to see the full report, you can pay the fee of $5.99 for three days. Afterward, they will charge you $26.99 monthly.

 pay the fee of $5.99

Social Catfish is one of the most reliable people search engines out there. If you are looking for the best ways to find someone on Instagram, Social Catfish might be one of your best options. 

Final Thoughts

With these comprehensive steps to guide you, you can find that person quickly on Instagram.  

Technology has given us many ways to find people: from emailing and calling to social media and the best people search websites. With this guide, finding any person can be as easy as pie.


Can I use Google Mail to search for someone's Instagram using their email address?

Yes, it is possible to type in a person's email address on Google Mail and get as much data about them as possible. They might be helpful later when you search for another person's Instagram account.

Is there another website I can use to find someone's Instagram account?

BeenVerified is another people search website that allows you to input a person's first and last name, phone number, email address, and home/work address to find information about them, including their social media accounts.

Are there any free tools I can use online to do my search?

Yes, there are free tools online such as free reverse phone lookup and reverse image search tools. Websites such as TinEye and ImgReverse are also free to reverse image search tools you can use. 




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